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 What we do

We elevate the brand and protect its reputation.

The Office of Communications & Marketing leads both outbound and internal communications with the college’s many constituencies, including current and prospective students, faculty and staff, alumni, government and public officials, and the general public – working in close coordination with staff communicators in Athletics, Alumni Relations and other departments and  divisions .  The team works with communicators, designers, developers, and content generators across campus to create and showcase quality narratives to share Coahoma’s rich history, to heighten the college's brand and reputation, and to promote the university and its vision of a brighter future to a global audience. We use creative marketing and communications tactics, research, and best practices to advance CCC as one of the nation’s premier two-year institutions, as well as the Delta’s flagship community college.

Our Guiding Principles

  Elevate the Brand Worldwide

We ensure that prospective students, faculty, and the general public know how CCC is vital to solving our community's problems: from addressing work-readiness, to providing access to educational and vocational opportunities to underserved groups.

  Support CCC’s Strategic Goals

We exemplify how Coahoma delivers on the promises it makes to students and alumni.  We champion the strategic work of the president and board of trustees.

  Create Inspiring Content

We breathe life into achievements of the Coahoma community to engage audiences with our brand through unique and boundless written and visual storytelling. We create shareable content that emphasizes the multitude of ways CCC positively influences the world and sets the standard for excellence..

  Communicate Through Strategy

We align our messaging with college's priorities. We pursue integrated, strategic communications across campus and with other CCC sites. We work collaboratively with campus units to ensure that all information, content, and material created by campus units meet our elevated standards and promote the brand in an accurate, effective, and compelling manner.

Communication Priorities

  • Increase awareness of and engagement with the Coahoma brand.
  • Elevate CCC's position as a leading two-year HBCU.
  • Showcase CCC's unique position to offer access to a myriad of academic and vocational programs.
  • Collaborate across campus and several mediums to convey CCC’s story to local, national, and global audiences.
  • Strategize and direct the college’s communications across the main campus and satellite sites.